Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paper Clutter

Paper clutter. It is everywhere. Behind doors, on the counter, in my purse. The central location for most of the paper clutter is a cabinet in our kitchen. The kids have a spot for drawing/coloring, there is a magazine drawer and a "no place else to put it so just shove it here" drawer. This weeks hot spot for Project:Simplify is this never ending paper clutter. I decided to tackle this lovely cabinet (obviously not literally as I may have been injured.) :)


No place unless to put it drawer (top). Before:

Love Dave Ramsey!
Now that this cabinet has been cleared of its paper clutter I have vowed to do two things.
1. No more shoving papers in drawers because I don't want to deal with it at that moment. Better to deal with it once.
2. Deal with the mail immediately. Recycle or file. Everything in its proper place.
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  1. Great job! I love Dave Ramsey too but have trouble with the cash system. Love your little cabinet area!

  2. Thanks so much! I appreciate you leaving comments!

    @ Mindy It has been hard to stick with the cash but it really does make you think about whether you really need something. I have noticed a big difference in my spending since going to all cash. Good luck!